Mission Statement
The New Hampshire Library Trustees Association assists Trustees to be knowledgeable and effective in order to serve, improve and promote New Hampshire public libraries. 
Revised January 7, 2015        

The New Hampshire Library Trustees Association strives to be the acknowledged resource for all public library trustees.

Founded in 1957, the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association is an independent nonprofit organization registered with the NH Division of Charitable Trusts. The NHLTA has no affiliation with the state library, nor does it receive any state or federal funding.
The volunteer NHLTA Board consists of fourteen Directors and includes the Past President. The appointed Emeritus Director is a non-voting lifetime member of the board.
Standing committees consists of: Executive, Governance, Finance, Education, Communications, Legislative, Fundraising, and Technology. The activities of the Board are funded from membership dues, registration fees, grants and a scholarship endowment fund.
Goals and Objectives
The Association’s goals and objectives are to develop a more effective body of public library trustees by providing opportunities for them to understand their responsibilities and duties; to offer a forum for the exchanges of ideas and information about library developments in general; and to advocate for and promote public library services in New Hampshire.

The elected board of trustees is the governing body of the library and the link between the community and the library. Armed with knowledge, trustees are a formidable force. The NHLTA strives to provide the educational opportunities to acquire that knowledge.

The Association provides the following resources:
  • Annual Meeting and Conference
  • Orientation workshops
  • Workshops on duties and responsibilities (policies, evaluations, budgets, technology, division of duties and responsibilities, marketing, NH laws, etc.)
  • Handbook/Trustee Manual
  • Library visits upon request
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Regional networking meetings
  • Website: information, programs, news, and resources
  • LISTSERV®: nhlta-l@maillist2.nh.gov  electronic forum for networking and sharing ideas, knowledge, and information)
" Armed with knowledge, Library Trustees are a formidable force."