RSA 202-A Public Libraries
The main body of New Hampshire law relating to Public Libraries is contained in RSA 202-A. Here are some pointers both to the complete set of RSAs as well as to RSA 202-A.

1. NH RSAs Complete Table of Contents (including Title XVI Libraries)
2. NH RSAs Title XVI Libraries (including 202-A Public Libraries)
3. NH RSA 202-A Public Libraries  (searchable in PDF format)
Other Relevant RSA's and Related Sources
1. New Hampshire Library Laws (as compiled by the NHSL)
2. NH RSAs 41,42,91,201,and 669
3. NH RSAs Title VI, Chapter 91-A, "Right to Know"; Access to Governmental Records & Meetings and
the NH Attorney General's Memorandum on the Right To Know Law
4. NH RSAs Title III, Chapter 32, Municipal Budget Law 

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Revised May 2013.